How to get there?

There is only one road to Teriberka.
It is very picturesque: coniform hills, subarctic forest, lakes, rocky terrain with glacial drifts, tundra, rocks. For 100 kilometers there will be high-quality road surface. And at the fork (you should go to the left) the asphalt road ends and turns into the dirty road of 42 km. We do not recommend driving here above 40 km/h.
Although 5 km before entering the village you will experience real happiness with the new asphalt.

Further, you will go to the right to the old Teriberka (orange arrow on the scheme) and after the bridge, after passing 150 meters, to the left. There you will see a large wooden stage. And it is a place near the stage we transferred the registration and issuance of start packages to. You will definitely find it.

Where to get a start package?

Place of start package issue:
In fine dry weather – the stage on the beach
In rainy weather – the House of Culture’s entry

10.00-11.20 – sign-in of participants and issue of start package
11.30 – the event opening ceremony (at the same place)

Where is the start?

After the ceremony, we all in an ORDERLY manner (so that no one gets lost) we move to the start line.
While we are going over a kilometer – we will be warming up.
At this time, there will be full sea, so we will have to make a small way round. If there had been low water, then we could have shorten the path along the seashore. But we cannot influence the tide, so let us obey nature and take a little walk.

11.55 – briefing
12.00 – start of athletes for 21.1 km
12.10 – start of athletes for 10 km
12.20 – start of athletes for 5 km

Where is the finish?

Exactly where the start is. We will meet you loudly with the cheerleading squad.

Where is the medal ceremony?

The medal ceremony and the party will be near the stage (where you received the start package in the morning).
By this time, there will be low tide already and it will be possible to shorten the return trip along the shore and get back to the stage.