We invite you to take part in the campaign and become a partner of the 3rd trail running The Arctic Challenge. The Earth’s End, which will be held on August 1, 2020.

A unique place on the Kola Peninsula, which annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all around the world. It was here that the shooting of the famous film ‘Leviathan’ took place and famous musicians shoot video clips annually.

The only place on Earth to get to the shore of the Arctic Ocean where you can reach by car and public transport.

The target audience

Core Audience:

25-45 years old adherents of a healthy lifestyle and active recreation, with income above the average, participants of the largest Russian and international marathons and sports camps, healthy lifestyle and sports bloggers.


Active relatives and friends of the race participants, volunteers and representatives of the event’s partners.

Marketing opportunities

- granting an official partner status;
- branding of all presentation materials;
- mentioning a partner in press releases, on the website, promotion in social media;
- partner participation in a press conference;
- Providing an advertising video after the event with a logo;
- making a photo report;
- a post-event press release;
- A welcome speech by the representative at the opening and award ceremonies;
- holding a special event on a partner’s topic (eco-campaigns, expos, inbound marketing);
- placement of logo, advertising banners and flags;
- promotion in social media;
- announcement of an advertising text by the presenter at the event;
- other additional integration into the event.
logo placement on a step and repeat banner or full branding of the stage
providing promotional products with start packages of participants
logo placement on shirt numbers, sports souvenirs, installation of branded flags, stands, fences at the start and finish

Additional features:

  • joint promotions and events prior to the race;
  • charity events and tournaments;
  • environmental campaigns;
  • expeditions and visiting sessions under the aegis of your brand;
  • support in social media accounts (advertising, announcements, contests, interviews and creative stories);
  • other collaboration

What will the partnership give to your brand?

The advertising and marketing promotion not only on August 1, 2020, but also during the event preparation period;
creating a sustainable association of your brand with sports and healthy lifestyle;
an opportunity to build and strengthen business relations with other partners and structures;
increasing the popularity of your products, services and image;
a new tool for interacting with the target audience;

‘Promotion of ideas, products, individuals and brands is a multifaceted and complicated task. Sport as a conductor and an instrument for influencing the masses of people is of particular interest, both for the state and for business’

Partnership formats

Each format provides target advertising and PR capabilities that will allow you to promote your ideas and stand out sharply against the competitors. We will develop individual and organic integration into the event. Upon completion, we will provide a detailed report with photos and video materials.


(your brand is written in the name and logo of a sports project)







Let's make a huge sports project together at the End of the Earth!